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What is all this about Green Smoothies?


When I moved to California twelve years ago I never thought I would end up here, completely utterly in love, with green smoothie. But I am. And it loves me back!

It makes me feel beautiful and glowing, it makes me feel balanced and nourished, and it makes me feel passionate and energized.

I promised to share with you my version, what I actually put in it. And I will.

Apart from lots of green leafy vegetables and some fruits,  I put all kinds of good stuff in it, all the superfoods that I have. I love superfoods! My favorites are Organic Goji Berries, raw cacao, spirulina and bee pollen (I eat a fresh local one).

I also put in a mix I make of lots of dried and pulverized greens. It’s perfect for me since I am traveling so much. I put in some seeds like Hemp and Chia. And Organic Maca, I love Maca. (If you cannot find any of these foods in your local health food store,  you can try online.)

I also have just discovered tasty vegetables like fennel and fresh turmeric that adds an extra spice to the smoothie. Cucumber, ginger, fresh herbs are also wonderful.

One thing to remember is to create a balance in your diet between healthy fats (raw coconut oil, avocado, nuts [almond, walnut], Greens [Green kale, herbs, spinach, celery] and sugars [fruit such as apples, berries, pears] in your diet. I often put all of it in one power smoothie. I have noticed that my blood sugar stays super mellow throughout the day, and I feel full and satisfied.

I recommend starting simple. And to have enough fruits in it in the beginning so it tastes good and abundant. I have noticed that after a while my taste have changed, and I put very little fruit in it these days. I kind of love the more bitter taste of the vegetables.

Here is a starter smoothie so you can get the idea. But basically you will just use whatever you have. And it is good to change the greens around so that you get the full spectrum of nutrition.

Basic Smoothie

1 pear

1 handful green kale

1 handful spinach



1 apple

2 stalks of celery

1 inch ginger root

1 handful spinach

1 handful parsley


From here you can add some healthy fats and superfoods if you like. Use your intuition and your imagination.

Please share your experience, ideas and questions!

In a green love affair,