Recently, I watched a new documentary called The Social Dilemma. In short, it addresses how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming social media and search engines from being tools we use, to being more like masters using us, manipulating our use of time, our interests, and our opinions.

I started to be aware of these changes a few years ago, when I began to experience a painful incongruence between the intention and depth of our practices, and the increasingly hectic and distractive atmosphere on social media. I began dreaming about our own platform to gather online, a place that would honor and reflect our values, a serene and beautiful place for contemplation and genuine connection without hidden agendas, ads or addictive click baits. After many years of labor, we birthed the Village and Women’s Wisdom School.

For the last months we have been patiently shifting our habits, reclaiming and getting used to a slower, less addictive way to gather online. We are co-creating a community designed to bring us into deeper connection in our lives, instead of pulling us away from it.

I have great trust in this vision. In fact, it gives me shivers when I feel into what is emerging, and I am excited to hereby extend an invitation to you to come and visit the Village to see and feel it for yourself.

All you have to do is to register for the upcoming 21 day Inanna sadhana and a few days before we begin you will be invited into the Village as a guest for the duration of the sadhana. In addition to the regular sadhana lessons and emails, in the Village you will be able to choose from many live classes where you can practice embodiment and meditation from your own home with the support of community.

After the sadhana you can easily leave the Village, no strings attached, or you can choose to stay by registering for one of the paths in the Wisdom School.

>>> Register for Inanna Sadhana here.

See you in the Village,
Chameli & the Awakening Women Team

P.S. If you prefer to connect with the circle on Facebook, our private sadhana group is still there, you can even join and engage with both platforms if you choose. Or none at all. You create your sadhana time in the way that works for you. Join Sadhana here.