Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training

February 6 – March 31, 2023
With Chameli Ardagh & SimoneRita Egger

Do you want to learn how to
facilitate circles for profound healing
and transformation?

Do you feel a call to hold sacred,
safe space for women to connect with
the Divine Feminine? 

Have you ever been to women’s circles and left with a
longing to connect deeper than all the talking,
to have a free space for your full range of expressions,
a longing to feel Goddess moving
through your whole body and being,
but not knowing how to make it happen?

Become a certified Women’s Temple Group facilitator

In this premium online training you will learn from expert teachers
Chameli Gad Ardagh and SimoneRita Egger.

We have walked this path for more than 30 years, and have been offering the facilitator training since 2007. By now we have trained more than 1000 women in how to facilitate Women’s Temple groups.

We will teach you the hows, the keys, practices and guidelines to create magical, life transforming circles.

You will be supported in rooting your leadership in an unshakable spiritual connection, so that you can create your own temple group with confidence and trust, feeling supported and guided, as you hold impeccable, sacred and safe space, both for yourself and others.

After successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate that allows you to start facilitating Women’s Temple Group wherever your are in the world.


The duration of the training is 8 weeks.

It happens online so you can join from your own home,
without the extra cost of travel and lodging.

The lessons will be delivered in a combination of
live zoom classes, pre recorded audio,
and written study materials.

At completion you will receive a certificate.

You will have access to the materials for 6 months
so that you can digest the course in a relaxed way.

About Women’s Temple

It is a sacred assignment to hold impeccable and safe space for women to heal, grow, and embody our deepest wisdom.

Those of us who feel this calling belong to an ancient and glorious lineage; since the beginning of time we have gathered to fill up our inner well, and be in sacred space.

A Women’s Temple group happens in living rooms, yoga studios, community centers, forest groves and city parks.

It can be a group of 3, 8, 17 or 48, the size doesn’t really matter. We create sacred space by a shared intention for coming together.

Leaving the chatter and distractions at the door; we move our bodies, feel our feelings and soften rigid behavioral patterns; we roar, laugh, pray, sing; contemplate, rest and breathe deeper; we fill up the inner well so that we can show up in our lives rooted, rested, and spiritually connected.

Learn how to create:

…Circles where it is safe to fall apart and feel it all, where we can retrieve our wild intimacy with Goddess.

…Sisterhoods where we are safe and welcomed just as we are. Where we restore trust in our voice and our dance, where we awaken our instincts and rituals.

…Temples around the fire, or a candle; in huts, in living rooms, community centers, yoga studios or forest groves; spaces where we are free to grieve and heal, to roar and giggle, and pray with our whole body. Where we let ourselves be moved by the Mystery,  Source, Goddess, Spirit, by the intelligence that creates ALL things.

Chameli is masterful at illuminating the ancient goddess teachings.

Many of us are inspired by spiritual teachings but to actually embody them, in a daily practice of breathing them in and sweating them out, is a radically different proposition. Chameli Ardagh is masterful at illuminating the ancient goddess teachings in a way that is supremely tangible for modern women, without sacrificing their depth, creating a kind of frequency that sparks awakening.

Lisa Schrader, Founder of Awakening Shakti, AwakeningShakti.com

I experience a profound level of trust and commitment amongst my sisters that is unlike any other circle.

Within Awakening Women, I experience a profound level of trust and commitment amongst my sisters that is unlike any other circle. I’m carried into an ancient yet familiar heart wisdom that cracks open a river of love within me and flowers the depth of my creative force in the world.

Flora Aube, Founder of Art of Allowing Academy, ArtofAllowingAcademy.com

I am home at last.

I am home at last. A part of me knew, remembered, that this had to exist – a place where the female body is a precious and powerful doorway, an invitation into presence and truth. Every experience I have in the field of the Yogini Circle feeds a fire, a yearning, a deep pool of joy within me. I feel naked and strong here, wild and seen. A thousand thank yous for this profound gift. 

Sophie Jane Mortimer, Communications Consultant for Women Changemakers, SophieJaneMortimer.com


Chameli’s teachings and leadership are holy keys.

Some say great teachers give you back to yourself but I say great teachers give you back to the Goddess. Chameli’s teachings and leadership are holy keys to access our feminine peace and power. Being in circle with Chameli and the Yogini circle is a HOMECOMING; a place to be seen, loved and to unify with the feminine in all its shapes and forms.

Brooke Lightstone, Feminine Spiritual Guide,BrookeLightstone.com

Training Overview

Goddess ~ At the heart of the Women’s Temple group we find a Goddess centered spirituality, where the mess and beauty of embodied life is celebrated —not as a distraction to our spiritual path, but as the very expression of Her undivided totality.

You will take your seat in the timeless lineage of the Living Goddess, and learn simple yet powerful tools, practices and guidelines for how to create sacred and permissive space.

Embodiment ~ Goddess wisdom is not something we only read or talk about, it is at its core highly experiential. In Women’s Temple we awaken and express divinity through our bodies, and heal the outdated schism between spirit and matter.

You will learn why and how to lead body centered practices, gain basic understanding of trauma responses, and 




Belonging ~ In our modern culture many feel isolated and uprooted from community and connection. Some have also experienced the pain of giving away our power or trading in our uniqueness in order to belong. 

You will gain awareness of the shadows of the feminine, and learn how to nurture a conscious and diverse sisterhood based on respect, compassion and personal responsibility.

Touch ~ We practice respectful, non sexual, healing touch to fill up our inner well and come into deeper connection with life.

You will learn deeply healing and nourishing hands-on practices, and how to offer clear instructions in a way that allows each woman to feel safe and to participate in integrity with her own inner guidance.

Feelings ~ Instead of being a problem to be fixed, feelings can with the right practices give us an embodied experience of Divine energy, and bring us into deeper connection with our vitality and creativity.

You will learn how to support women to drop from the mental and conceptual realms into a free and extatic flow of shakti.

Spiritual Leadership ~ As a Women’s Temple facilitator you are serving and being supported by an intelligence larger than yourself.

You will learn how to recognize  leadership pitfalls, like personal triggers and the “helper syndrome”. You will be supported to root your leadership in the spaciousness of presence, so you can lead with ease and confidence.

Presence ~ All our practices lead us back to our own presence, a source of energy and love always available. We cultivate the capacity to stay rooted in the spaciousness of presence, to stay awake and creatively responsive in our lives.

You will learn how to guide a group from superfical chatter to authentic and divine connection.

Let’s do it ~ The key to a succeful Temple group, is to find a balance of structure and flow, being and doing.  The structures are riverbanks for the free flow that unfold in the circle.

You will learn how to structure a temple evening, set up group practices, and get check lists for the practical structure around a Temple group.

Lots of new insights

Embodied wisdom

knowledge of how to start and sustain a Women’s Temple

Confidence and relaxation in your leadership

A certified Women’s Temple Facilitator


All this for only

Tune in to hear about some surprises and learnings from our training graduates:

Why train with us?

Awakening Women is the place where goddess centered leaders, teachers and facilitators come to rejuvenate, receive mentoring and guidance. 

Our expertise is to facilitate deeply integrative learning experiences, and embodied spiritual awakening.

More than being presented with lots of information you merely have to memorize, you will be guided through a process that makes the skills and insights come alive in you, embodied and integrated into your unique leadership style.

Our work has deep roots, is tried and tested, and more than a thousand women have graduated from the Awakening Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training since its beginnings back in 2007.


The first Women’s Temple was founded in 2005 by Chameli Ardagh and Helena Montelius in Nevada City, California. They came together to explore a new form of women’s circle less focused on verbal processing, and more on connecting to and embodying the essence of the divine feminine. The Nevada City Women’s Temple Group in California is still active today.

Meet the Teachers

Chameli Ardagh

Founder, Awakening Women

Chameli (pronounced sha-meh-lee) is a yogini, mystic and a wisdom keeper in the Lineage of the Living Goddess. Through her love of ancient wisdom teachings, her own practice in yogini circles all over the world she has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment.

SimoneRita Egger

Teacher, Awakening Women

SimoneRita is a Goddess Wisdom Keeper in the lineage of the Living Goddess. Already as a young woman, in search of unconditional truth, she got to know various wisdom teachings. Since 2007, she has been passionately practicing in women’s circles around the world. Her feminine spiritual practice, rooted in Goddess-centered tantric yoga, involves meditation, dance, movement, chanting, being a businesswoman, and being a mother. She is especially appreciated for her knowledge of the original instructions of the Great Goddess that lead us home and how to live that in all aspects of our being, our family, our relationships and our businesses

More about the training

Can anyone start a Temple Group?

Yes, as long as you have the longing to meet women in a new way. The Temple Manual is full of tools and resources to help you to start a temple group, whether you are new to the practices or have already experienced Temple. We know from experience that you have a greater chance to succeed in creating your temple group if you do the Facilitator Training.

I want to start my own Temple group, but there is already an existing Temple group in my area. Can I still start my own group?

Yes, we have several cities that have multiple Temple groups. The Temple group that you start will have its own unique medicine and flavor, and can often compliment Temple groups in similar areas, serving the women who want a Temple group but can only meet on a certain day of the week or who long for more opportunities to be in Women’s Temple. Women who lead Temple groups in nearby areas often will attend each other’s Temple as a chance to go deeper in their own practice and receive support and inspiration.

What if I don’t have anyone to start Temple with? Can I practice on my own?

Yes, and there are many Temple practices in the manual that you can modify to do on your own. Then, once you feel comfortable, you can start to invite other women. Your own practice will become the foundation for what kind of Temple you want to have with others, and your own familiarity with Temple practices can become a powerful invitation and container for other women to step into.

The very first Women’s Temple started in Nevada City in 2005 with just two women meeting regularly, and was just a small group of 2-5 women for the first year. There is no minimum number of women needed for Temple to happen. The practices can be just as powerful and deep with a few women.

Can I use "Women’s Temple" for the name of my group?

We define Women’s Temple as a circle that is different than other women’s groups. It includes touch and embodiment practices, and is spiritual in its core. We don’t have a trademark for the name Women’s Temple, so you are free to use the term “Women’s Temple” for your group if you are using the temple manual or have graduated from the training, and can verify that your group is in alignment with the modality of Women’s Temple.

Graduates from the Women’s Group Facilitator Training can also refer to their group as “inspired by Awakening Women.” We request that you use something other than Awakening Women to name your group, as that is a registered trademark.

Do I have to follow the manual guidelines and practices exactly when I lead Temple?

When you use the Temple Manual, you can follow an evening outline exactly, you can modify the practices to suit your group, or you can pick different sections from different evenings to create your own evening. In the manual, you will also find a section with a list of feminine inquiries, which can be “thrown in” wherever you feel they fit.

If you would like to create a Temple group using the practices we share here, however, we passionately invite you to follow the guidelines included in the manual. They have been tested and carefully molded and we know that they support Temple to be a sanctuary that grows and thrives. But remember, they are guidelines, not rules.

Do I have to be trained by AWI to start my own Temple?

It is not necessary to have attended an AWI retreat or Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training to start your own Women’s Temple; some women have started a Temple group without having attended an AWI retreat or training. Still, there is a great advantage to having an in-the-body experience of Temple practices when leading a Temple group, and we have a whole body of training and retreats to support you in deepening your understanding of the intention and culture of Women’s Temple.