Yin Yang Meditation


The Yin Yang meditation is a 6-minute sitting meditation, followed by a 6-minute savasana (lying down on your back), and then you alternate between the two.

In this meditation we are not looking for a specific experience, we are tending to the roots in being
deeper than the content of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Rather than grasping for a certain experience, we cultivate a less reactive, more spacious and free relationship to life.

Note: To download the meditations, click on the far right arrow pointing down on each of the audios. 

Guided by: Chameli Gad Ardagh

Instructions for Yin Yang Meditation ~ 2 Minutes

Note: The recordings below are simply timers. They are silent except for the chimes, which indicate when it is time to shift from silent sitting to savasana, and from savasana to silent sitting. You will know the meditation is complete when you hear three chimes in a row.

Yin Yang Meditation ~ 20 Minute Version

Yin Yang Meditation ~ 40 Minute Version