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Clarity is a yoga, an inner attitude you can choose to focus on.

Clarity is a yoga, an inner attitude you can choose to focus on.

Non-action is also an action. When we are avoiding a choice or growing edge and lingering in the unclear, we are not only stepping out of the choice, we are giving energy to something else.

Don’t be afraid to be clear about what you are clear about. Train the muscle of clarity while holding space at the same time for unclarity.

:: Practice ~ The Yoga of Clarity

Turn your attention to what is clear for you. Dare to name it, and step into the energy of clarity.

Write down all that is already clear about your Dharma: What you love, your skills/superpowers, your insights and vision. Don’t overlook the obvious. If your superpower is to listen or make a great soup, include it. Ask yourself, “What is the common thread of motivation weaving through it all?” Dare to let it be simple.

~ Chameli Ardagh


:: This is an excerpt from an online Sadhana.


Photo Credit: Bibbie Friman