The Yogini Diaries

Real-life glimpses of how to bring spiritual practice into daily life

Your Holy Being Unfurls like a Flower

What a ride it is, this life lived in a woman’s body. The moment we think we have found a shelf to rest on, a sort of “aha, so this is how it works”, we are again thrown into new territory.

Is This The Story You Came Here To Tell?

Perhaps you have been told that your longing is needy, that your visions are naive…your love of beauty is a luxury, and that the face of the One that you have had the blessing to glimpse within your very own heart is but a fairy tale.

Who is MahaMaya? (video)

The magnificent MahaMaya arises out of ancient roots, appearing as perhaps the most paradoxical Goddess throughout the eastern tantric traditions. She is both the Great Liberator who awakens us from the illusion of separation, and the very veil of ignorance that makes us forget the union we are made of.

Surrendering to Joy

A story of revolutionary ripples of change, sparked by a summer of choosing joy.

Breaking Up with Doubt

Dear Doubt, I’m sorry, but I’ve had enough. It’s over between us. That’s right, over.

The Way to Water ~ Finding Flow

The water of my body is frozen in jagged angles, damming the regular rhythmic flow. Life has been like this for me. A steady weather pattern. The winter then the melt. Eventually, always a period of sun. Learning to watch weather has cultivated ease.

I Belong in This Circle

This I know: I belong in the circle of Yoginis. I have always been here. This circle is my teacher, satguru, it is my home, it is my sisters, it is my mother. It is myself.

Dharma Talk with Sukhvinder and Chameli (video)

An exquisitely potent conversation between Sukhvinder and Chameli in which they weave the depths of their spiritual practice into the challenges and potential of social justice and shadow work.

Love is Who You Are

Today we reclaim the celebration of Love—not as a Hallmark consumerist holiday, but as the recognition of our very nature.

She had other plans…?

She had other plans…?

    We sat in circle by the shore of the sacred Yuba river as Cynthia unwrapped the Earth Vase. It was a Monday in late October and my dharma sisters — Maleda, Clare, Vera and Cynthia — and I were gathered for ceremony. There was an eerie light, a warmth...

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The Way Things Are

The Way Things Are

Over the course of my life, I’ve accumulated a long list of things I like and don’t like, eat and don’t eat, wear and don’t wear, do and don’t do. A self-created box of The Way I Am, kept neat and tidy, stored safely in the corner and wrapped tight with a pretty pink bow.

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You are a Holy Compost Pile at the Edge of Evolution

You are a Holy Compost Pile at the Edge of Evolution

The new world grows out of this fertile brew made of our outgrown clothes, our errors and awakenings, our dreams and prayers, and the luminous horizon we sense there—in the pause between the breath, in the gap between thoughts, in the softening of the heart. You are a holy compost pile at the very edge of evolution.

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