Yogini Winter Ashram

with Chameli Ardagh & The Awakening Women Team  

February 5 – 27, 2021
Rishikesh, India

 A Yogini is a woman devoted to a life lived with totality of heart. She roots herself in compassion and is fiercely loyal to the love at the root of us all.  She practices for her own radiant embodiment of awakening & love as well as for the healing of all sentient beings.

In February 2021 we will gather once again, in the Yogini circle, 
in the sacred foothills of the Himalayas, to honor Her, to love Her, 
to sing to Her, to celebrate Her in all the ways she creates Herself through us, as living, embodied, warmblooded women ~ as Yoginis!

You can come for all 21 days, or come for just one of the retreats.  There will be two parts. The first 9 days (February 5 – 14) will be a journey Into the Heart of Durga, open to Yoginis with some experience with Awakening Women and feminine embodiment practices. The second retreat will be a 12 day (February 15 – 27)  Yogini Initiation Retreat, open for more experienced and committed practitioners within the Awakening Women Yogini circle.