The Yogini Winter Ashram

Rishikesh, India

There are no retreats scheduled at this time. You’re welcome to continue reading and get a feel for this offering. Thank you!

First of all: we go deep. We don’t sit around and only talk about awakening; we’re all about direct experience. We practice an all inclusive in-the-body spirituality, beyond dusty dogmas and far fetched goals of the future. Spiritual awakening, instead of being a peak experience you once had or a concept you read about and compare yourself with, becomes a lived and embodied realization of freedom and love, uniquely experienced and expressed through each woman.

The basis for all spiritual exploration in the Shakti tradition is the insight that that which we are longing for is who we already are. Thus our practice is a process of melting cramped and outdated ego structures, and unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman.

We call this an ashram retreat because our days are highly structured, with sessions from morning to evening and little free time outside of the practices.  Our ashram routine sets a strong container for us to travel together to inner depths that are only possible through our shared commitment. This retreat is not for women who feel resistant to surrendering to a structured environment where one is expected to show up for all sessions on time.

We spend large parts of the retreat in silence, which means no talking outside the practices, and also unplugging from phone and internet.

This is a highly experiential path; a lot of the practices are interactive and include movement and also respectful touch.

The feminine touch, because it has such an inviting quality to it, invites deeper presence into our bodies. All the numb and cold places, the unmet corners of our body can be visited with gentle awareness as we cultivate a greater capacity to allow feelings as energy to flow through our bodies. In the feminine touch our bodies can slowly, slowly open and soften.

In the sessions, we spend time in silent sitting, dance, yoga, chanting, dharma talks and interactive Women’s Temple practices, which include touch, contemplation, emotional expression and voicing. Our practice includes yoga and dance every day, so be prepared to move your body.

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