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Yogini Wisdom

Mothering is present always, all the time. Mothering is what keeps everything together. Yet we collectively act as if Mother energy is some kind of a side-track to what we call “real life,” life “out there.” As if Motherhood is a pause from the so-called “important” things that are happening in the world. We create an artificial distance between ourselves and the profound creative intelligence of the Mother. We judge it, devalue it.

The voice of patriarchy within us may tell us that mothering is a soft, weak, quality that is only valuable in family life. That it’s too open and vulnerable to play any role in the harsh and aggressive atmosphere in the world today. We tend to look to warrior figures as role models to solve the very real problems of the world and relate to all of the wars, conflicts, greed and manipulation happening today. But look around … something is not working. The Warrior is needed, but can only serve the whole if rooted in Mother Medicine.

~ Chameli Ardagh

photo: Bibbie Friman