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Yogini Wisdom

There are different goddess myths about the symbol of the web and the spider medicine. There is Spider Woman as the spider grandmother from both South and North America. We have Spider Woman as the Earth goddess, as the creator of all things, She who creates out from her own center. This is a potent Shakti Key: she is spinning the threads that create all things, but they are never severed from her; they are never cut from her.

In each being, there is a thread of the goddess, of Spider Woman. There is an unbroken connection from the physical individual into a more expansive, wider, all-encompassing sense of self. It’s not something we have to cut off from the human experience in order to imagine something bigger or grander, lighter or brighter somewhere else.

The portal is right here. This is the thread. The thread is this experience. And it’s made of Her web.

~ Chameli Ardagh

photo: Bibbie Friman​