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Yogini Sadhana Practices

This is your Yogini Sadhana tool basket.

In the 21 day sadhana, we will send you many practices;
this page is only meant for those who want extra inspiration.


Body Love

The body is your vehicle, your teacher, your temple. Tend to it and keep it relaxed, healthy and strong.

:: Awakening the Hips

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with your knees slightly bent and loose, not locked.
Hold your upper body erect but relaxed.
Scan your body, making sure that your jaws, shoulders, hips, and knees are all loose and relaxed.
Breathe in and tilt your hips slightly backward. Breathe out and tilt your hips forward.
On the in-breath, open your hips and fill your pelvis with air.
On the out-breath, push the air down the legs and into earth.
On the in-breath, allow the air to flow up as if you were sucking it up from the earth and up through your legs.
On the out-breath, press the air down through your legs and into the earth.
Let your breath find its own rhythm, sometimes soft and subtle, sometimes wild and energetic.
Let your body release into the rhythm of the breath, allowing your neck and hands to relax.
Let sounds come if you are in a place where you can do so.
If you get tired, allow your upper body to fall forward, hanging loosely toward the ground,  knees still bent.
Continue the exercise for about 10 minutes.
Complete it by putting on some music, shaking your legs vigorously, and letting your body dance.
Notice the energy flowing in your body.
If you have more time, lie down on your back and rest for as long as you like.

:: Yoga

 – Join a yoga class.

– Do 3 sun salutations every morning.

– Practice the breath of fire: Sit comfortably. Raise your hands up in the air forming a “V”. Bend all fingers into the palm of your hand except the thumb: keep the thumb up. Engage your pelvic floor muscles in a root lock.  Breathe rapidly and strongly in and out through the nose. Use your stomach muscles to pump the air in and out. Keep doing this for 2 minutes. Breathe in, hold your breath, breathe in some more, then let go of the arms slowly as you exhale.

:: Walk/Run

– Walk in nature and receive nature with your whole body.

– Walk with a friend and share with each other what is going on in your lives.

– Run in the no-mind zone.

:: Dance

–  Join free-form movement classes in your area.

–  Create a playlist with 20 minutes of songs, all with a different “mood” to them. Dance your feelings.

–  When you dance, close your eyes and wait. Connect with the subtle tremor within and let it move you.

:: The Goddess Rinse

Sit or stand.
Put your hands on the top of your head.
Slowly begin to stroke down your head, face, neck and down your body.
Gently stroke your body, all the way to the feet.
Hang down, bent over from the waist for a few breaths.
Allow your upper body and head to become loose and heavy.
Then move up the body again all the way to the head.
Take a moment to open deeply to and fully feel the sensations in your body.
Now you can move on with your day.
The effects of this practice are cumulative: daily use will reap great rewards.

:: Feeding the Temple

– Drink a green smoothie daily.

– Do an inner cleanse (colon, liver, etc.).

– Make a commitment to add more vegetables into your diet for the time of the sadhana immersion.
– Take a break from any of your habits (ex. caffeine, sugar).

– Make the most divine raw fudge, with no sugar and only healthy fats : click here to learn how. 




:: Inner Mudra Practice (Audio)

This is a live recording from our morning practice in Corfu, Greece 2013.
You will notice some background sounds.

To read the instructions, click here.

At the beginning of the recording, we sing the Gayatri Mantra, a prayer for the awakening of the world, followed by the Loving Kindness Prayer four times:

Pray it first for yourself,
then for someone you love,
then for someone you feel separation from,
and complete by praying for the whole world.




:: Gayatri Mantra

People all over the world are chanting this deeply moving prayer at this very same time. No matter what time of day or night you may chant, there are others chanting the mantra too. Gayatri is an ancient vigil surrounding the planet. The Gayatri Mantra is one of the keynotes for the transformation of consciousness and is an identical vibration to the vital force in nature. The mantra is chanted in its original language, Sanskrit. It is one of the oldest prayers known to humanity; its sentiment is as ancient as light. This prayer appeals to the highest wisdom, to the brilliance of the cosmos, to illuminate a realization of our true nature. ~ Shantimayi

Say the Gayatri Mantra for the world. For all who are suffering.


Here is Premo’s version of the mantra (the one we most often sing in our Ashram retreats):

Here is Shantimayi reciting the mantra:

And here is Deva Premal’s version:


:: Lakshmi Prayer

If it feels right, you can begin and end this prayer with a Lakshmi Mantra:
Om Shri Lakshmi Jay Namaha

Step 1- Gratitude
Open your heart in gratitude. Bring your awareness to all you are grateful for, and say your thanks. You can speak aloud, whisper softly, or speak inside.

Step 2- Ask
Ask for that which your heart longs for. Ask with innocence, like a child. Put your desires and longing into words. Speak aloud, inside, or whisper softly.

Step 3- Let Go
Now release your prayers as if you are opening your hands and letting it go. If you like, whisper inside, “I give it to you. It is up to you now.”


:: Loving Kindness Prayer

As you say the prayer the first time, say it for yourself.
As you say the prayer the second time, say it for a loved one.
As you say it the third time, say it for someone you are in conflict with.
As you say it for the fourth time, say it for all women who are dedicated to the awakening of consciousness.
When you say this prayer the final time, say it for all of humanity.

May I have loving kindness
May I be well
May I be happy and at ease
May I have loving kindness

May you have loving kindness
May you be well
May you be happy and at ease
May you have loving kindness

May you have loving kindness
May you be well
May you be happy and at ease
May you have loving kindness

May all yogini sisters have loving kindness
May all yogini sisters be well
May all yogini sisters be happy and at ease
May all yogini sisters have loving kindness

May all beings have loving kindness
May all beings be well
May all beings be happy and at ease
May all beings have loving kindness


:: The Throne in the Heart

Visualize an empty throne in your heart, ready to receive the Goddess. Open yourself: be available and ready for Her.


Inner Yoga


:: Be that Which You are Longing For

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
To cultivate the deeper love you long for, you must be it.

If you long for respect, be respectful.
If you are longing to be seen, be someone who sees others.
If you are longing for kindness, be kind.
If you long to be loved, give love.


:: Guru Yoga

Choose a Goddess or a saint or a teacher to do this practice with.
You can also do it with the Yogini Circle as the guru.
With closed eyes, imagine this being in front of you.

On the in-breath, breathe in her qualities, fill yourself up.
On the out-breath, melt into her.


:: Welcome All Feelings

Whenever you feel provoked,
irritated, pulled to make a response,
Sit back in the saddle.
Scan your body and notice what you are feeling.
Seek out any areas of strong emotional tension;
feel what is there.
Stay with the sensations,
dropping the story—the why and the because.
Do everything you can to experience what is here,
to the maximum possible degree, for no more than a few minutes.
Then relax.
Feel your inner experience as though for the first time.
If there is more emotional tension calling to be felt in this moment,
take a few extra minutes to welcome the feeling even more totally.
Keep going until the charge is gone.
Feel yourself now: you are not just a loving person,
You are Love itself.

:: Feel – Kiss – Flow

This practice will help you move from being stuck in the mental story about a feeling
into the actual feeling itself.
It cultivates the capacity to stay present with feelings–
even strong ones–so they can flow through and leave you open and fresh for the next moment.

Feel –  the feeling–any feeling–as a sensation in the body…

Kiss –   touch the sensation with your breath, as if you would kiss it with the breath from the inside…

Flow –  now the feeling has space to flow. When feelings are allowed to flow, they change very quickly…

Now you are ready for a new moment: Feel-Kiss-Flow…


:: The Inner Offering Mudra

Place your thumb and ring fingers together.  The rest of your fingers remain straight.
Rest you hands on your thighs or lap in this mudra as you pray or meditate.


:: The Five First Tatvas ~ Touching the elements

I am touching earth with my whole body and being.

I am touching air as it moves within me. I am touching air with my skin.

I am touching fire in my digestion, as I feel the heat from the sun.

I am touching water, as I drink, as I take a shower.

I am touching ether, the space between everything. I am touching ether with awareness.


:: Express Feelings Free of the Story

For this practice,
you will need to make a compilation
of many different kinds of music.
Make a playlist on your iPod or computer.
Find some music that is soft and soothing,
some which is angry and defiant.
Find some that have a strong vibrant beat of sexual energy,
and some which are soft and devotional.
Find music to evoke every kind of feeling:
grief, longing, rage, joy, passion, and resentment.
Your compilation should be about 30 to 45 minutes long.
Now, go to your room, switch off your phone, and make sure you are undisturbed.
Play the music.
Enter into each of these feelings, one by one.
You can dance, cry, or call out in longing.
Use your whole body to express each feeling.
Make sounds.
Let the music guide you into each wave of feeling,
free of any reason why.
When you are finished, lay down for several minutes and feel your body.


:: The Heart Meditation

The Heart Meditation comes from the Buddhist Master Atisha, and the particular form of the practice that we use here was created by Arjuna Ardagh.

It helps us stay fully present with feelings and contractions without having to carry it around; without grasping or resisting what is happening. It cultivates compassion and the capacity to allow feelings to flow through without them getting stuck.  

You can practice this meditation alone with eyes closed and also throughout your day as you interact with others. It is a practical tool to stay with an open heart in the midst of any experience.


Instructions for the Heart Meditation:

Allow your breath to move gently in and out of the middle of your chest, enlivening the center of the chest.

Imagine that there is an open window in the middle of your chest, an open window into the vast sky of the heart, an open window into consciousness.

As the in-breath moves through the open window of your heart, you can breathe in whatever is here in this moment, allowing it to dissolve back into the source of all. If you’re noticing thoughts, allow them to ride the in-breath, to be absorbed into the open window of the heart and to dissolve back into the vast sky of consciousness as a drop dissolving back into the ocean.

You can allow this quality of presence and love to ride on the out-breath and to bless the world around you. You can do the same with feelings and body sensations. Allow them all to ride on the in-breath and to be absorbed back into the open window of the heart, dissolving into the source of all. On the out-breath, allow blessings to ride out, blessing your surroundings.

As this becomes easier and more natural for you to do, you can now expand your awareness to include other people’s feelings and thoughts and body sensations, absorbing them all in through the open window of your heart and allowing blessings to ride on the out-breath.

Keep on expanding, breathing in all suffering, all pain and all misunderstanding, just breathing it into the alchemy of the heart, allowing it all to be transformed, and breathing out blessings.

You can even expand your awareness to include the whole earth, starting with your town, country, and continent and expanding until you can feel the whole earth and all beings from all times with their hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows, fear and anger; and just breath it all in. Then breathe out blessings.

You can do this for a short time in the morning or evening, but it is also a way of meeting each moment.




:: Practice: I Want to Force You to…

You can do this with a partner or alone internally.

Partner A: think of something you would like to change in your partner.
Example: I want you to be more present with me.

Step #1
Partner A says the sentence “I want to force you to…”(fill in what you want to change).
Example: I want to force you to be more present with me.
Repeat this three times, building the energy of forcing.

Step #2

Partner A says again, “I want to force you to…” and add this to the end: “…so I don’t have to feel…”
Example: I want to force you to be more present with me so I don’t have to feel so alone, so I don’t have to feel that I’m not interesting enough or good enough for you.”

Step #3

Partner A says “I give you the freedom to be as you are and I am willing to feel …”  Example: I give you the freedom to be exactly as you are and I am 100% willing to feel alone and to feel not good enough for you.”

Step #4

Partner A, look at your partner and connect with the love you have for this person.
Now say a sentence starting with “Out of my love for you, I wish for you …”Example: Out of my love for you, I wish for you to be 100% present in your life.
Out of my love for you, I wish for you to really relish life, to really experience every moment and to really experience the love that is available to you.

Step #5
(if done with a partner, the partner can share how it feels to receive you)

Partner B, say, “ I feel supported,” or “I still feel forced.”

:: Practice: Couples Puja

This is a powerful practice to do with your intimate partner or in front of an altar representing your future partner.
Once you are awake in the morning,
Sit opposite each other on the bed.
Take turns doing this practice.
Look into your partner’s eyes.
One of you will go first:
When it is your turn,
Express love, devotion and surrender to your partner.
See your beloved as the deity.
Tell your beloved the depth of your commitment,
That your beloved that he or she knows you better than you know yourself.
Surrender to the guidance of the beloved.
Bow to your beloved, bring your head all the way to the mattress,
Surrender yourself completely.
Then switch roles.


:: Give Appreciation

Everyday, make sure you express five things
That you appreciate about your partner.
You can sprinkle these appreciations throughout the day
Or you can sit down and do them all at once as a structured practice,
which will only take a few minutes.
Appreciate qualities rather than practical actions:
I really appreciate how loving and caring you are;
I appreciate your sense of humor;
I appreciate how much I can count on you;
I appreciate how much beauty you bring to our home.
Do this every day, whether you feel like it or not.
It will reawaken a quality that is easily forgotten.


:: Talk Gibberish

Whenever there is disagreement or disharmony in the family,
Or any time at all, just for the fun of it,
switch to gibberish.
You will all continue to communicate
and connect fully with each other–
just stop making any sense.
Express everything that needs to be expressed inside you
using nonsense words.
Keep going like this for a minimum of five minutes
or for as long as fifteen minutes.
Have fun; be generous in your nonsense.
When you are done,
try to remember what the problem was
with a straight face.